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Clive Betts MP - I am really happy to support the new Landlord Letting Network.   Many prospective tenants on low incomes find it hard to rent properties because landlords are concerned and wary of obtaining their rent from people who rely for all or part of their income on benefits.  

The Landlord Letting Network aims to help landlords and tenants in this situation come together by offering not merely the traditional letting and managing service but also assistance to ensure that the rent is paid on time and  that any administrative problems with the authorities are minimised and tenants feel secure in their homes.  

It is a simple idea but one based on fundamentally good principles and I wish the Network every success



Mike (Local Landlord) -

I just wanted to say what a great service this is. I wish I had found it months ago. I have a tenant on benefits and she now owes me £17,000. yes you read that correctly. I contacted the council directly and they refused to help saying the tenant had to initiate the call for help. It's been a nightmare. I have put her through court and got judgement to evict her and now the council want to pay me rent but not the arrears!!! She will be evicted sometime in the next 4 to 6 weeks and it's a shame.”


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