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Landlord Letting Network is a unique Letting Agency based in Sheffield. We have over 28 years of specialist knowledge of the current (Housing Benefit) and extensive knowledge of future welfare benefits (Universal Credit) system. Our work experience in social housing income management has given us valuable knowledge of managing rental income and supporting financially excluded tenants.

Our backgrounds in benefits and rent arrears management mean that we are well placed to support tenants who are in receipt of benefits or whose benefits stop by being able to liaise directly with the benefits service and by using our knowledge and expertise to either support customers to re-instate their claim or to use our technical knowledge to challenge decisions made by the Benefits Service.

As a tenant you will be guaranteed our full support throughout the life of your tenancy. For more information about our services click here

Benefits Information

LHA is based upon the number of bedrooms a claimant or their household need. The LHA room rates are set by the Rent Service and this rate is equivalent to the maximum amount of Housing Benefit that can be paid to the claimant. The actual amount of Housing Benefit that will be awarded will be based on the LHA room rate that applies to the claimant's household and their circumstances.

To find out more about Local housing allowance click here

Landlord Referencing

Landlord Referencing is a unique system of referencing tenants who wish to move into rented accommodation.  It provides landlords with details about the tenants previous conduct as a tenant, and is also great for tenants, who are wanting to provide a reference for future landlords.

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Sheffield Credit Union

As trusted partners of Sheffield Credit Union Landlord Letting Network can assist tenants in applying for Sheffield Credit Unions services.

To find out more about the services that Sheffield Credit Union offer click here

Case Studies

We are really happy with the progress that we have made so far and we are doing a lot of good work to support our tenants, however our main focus is on our business which is our landlords and their properties.  The landlords we work with recognise that all of the work that we do to support our tenants means that we have tenants that are loyal, respectful in their properties and who pay their rent on time. Click here for further information

Tenants fees and Charges

We are an ethical letting agency and as such we do not charge our prospective tenants fees to register, for inventorys or tenancy agreements etc. The only charges we will make are during the life of a tenancy or if a credit check is required by the landlord click here for further information

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