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Case Studies

Case study 1

A young couple with 4 children.  Mr works part time and they claim help through the benefits system – housing benefit and tax credits.  When we first met them they were living in a 3 bedroomed local authority maisonette which was very small for such a large family.  We found them a house in their local area which had a large garden and much more living space within the house.  Unfortunately just prior to their moving in date their 4 week old baby died.  They decided that they still wanted to move to their new home so we assisted them with working through the minefield of the benefits system in order to get their income/housing benefit issues resolved.  In addition to this, through partnership working with a local charity that provides holidays for families that are suffering from financial hardship, we were able to provide this family with a much needed holiday (free of charge). 


Case study 2

A young couple with 2 children.  Neither member of the couple were working and our application process identified that Mrs was taking Methadone and Mr had previously been to prison.  Most Letting Agents would have refused to let a property to tenants that presented these issues.  After further discussions with the family we established that the methadone was being prescribed due to addiction to prescription painkillers for a long standing/severe back pain issue and that Mr had spent time in prison when he was very young, prior to being a family man/father of 2 children.  We decided to work with this family and placed them  in suitable family accommodation close to their relatives.  We worked in partnership with St Vincent de Pauls to provide them with some essential furniture items and we assisted them with opening a Credit Union account which helped them with budgeting their money. They have been delighted with the help that we have given them, for the first time in a long time they don’t own any money to loan sharks or family and are already reaping  the benefits of a budgeting account and seeing that they can actually save a little bit of money for a rainy day. We even received a text message from this couple which said “Thank you for all your help, for the first time in our lives we aren’t scared to open our bills as we have the money to pay them.”


Case Study 3

Single parent with toddler – Living in private rented housing that was unfit to live in as it was damp, cold, had no back garden for her young baby and was expensive to heat.  Our initial enquiries enabled us to identify that she had debt and issues with managing her money.  We placed her in a house which was suitable for her needs and affordable (all of our tenants are placed in affordable properties).  We made a referral to a partnership organisation to assist her with managing her outstanding debts.  We helped her set up a budgeting account with the Credit Union so that her household bills and rent would be taken care of without the need for her to incur further debt.  We worked with St Vincent De Pauls to provide some free furniture and through another source we obtained a free cooker for her.  Finally, as it was her sons 2nd Birthday this week we worked with another one of our partner organisations to obtain a free birthday cake.


We are really happy with the progress that we have made so far and we are doing a lot of good work to support our tenants, however our main focus is on our business which is our landlords and their properties.  The landlords we work with recognise that all of the work that we do to support our tenants means that we have tenants that are loyal, respectful in their properties and who pay their rent on time


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