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Tenant ID

Information about TenantID

TenantID differs from other services offered in the market by focussing on how a tenant has conducted themselves during current and previous tenancies. We believe that this is more appropriate than the existing tenant vetting and referencing systems as it focuses on historic tenant behaviour over time, not just financial performance or credit reports, meaning a more accurate picture of a tenants conduct whilst renting a tenancy is created.

TenantID provides information via their website to share and view tenancy performance and tenant information. With information available immediately online to both the tenant and the prospective landlord about the tenant's renting history, TenantID will speed up the process of manually checking with a previous landlord for better, faster decisions about letting a property or indicating where additional safeguards might be needed such as requesting a guarantor for the tenant.

Tenants benefit too. A good track record of behaviour means tenants can be better placed to secure a tenancy with future landlords, or to negotiate favourable rental terms elsewhere.

To find out more information on TenantID click here.

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