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Landlord Letting Network is a unique Letting Agency based in Sheffield. We have over 25 years of specialist knowledge of the current (Housing Benefit) and extensive knowledge of future welfare benefits (Universal Credit) system. Our work experience in social housing income management has given us valuable knowledge of managing rental income and supporting financially excluded tenants. Our backgrounds in benefits and rent arrears management mean that we are well placed to support tenants who are in receipt of benefits or whose benefits stop by being able to liaise directly with the benefits service and by using our knowledge and expertise to either support customers to re-instate their claim or to use our technical knowledge to challenge decisions made by the Benefits Service.
As a tenant you will be guaranteed our full support throughout the life of your tenancy.

Finding a new home

We aim to assist our customers to find accommodation that best suits their needs, we have extensive knowledge of the Sheffield area and have a portfolio of properties available to offer. We will ensure that each customer finds accommodation that is suitable for their needs and affordable, through our tenant eligibility process.

New Tenancy

We have developed a unique 'system' of matching tenants to properties. Unlike many letting Agents, we don't believe in credit checks and have therefore developed a unique system of referencing that considers each individual customers personal circumstances.
Tenants that claim housing benefit/Universal Credit will be supported from the offset of their tenancy. Our extensive experience within welfare benefits will not only provide tenants with support through the complicated process of claiming benefits at a new home, we may also be able to provide assistance with accessing financial assistance towards bonds/deposits and rent in advance. We are also specialist in income maximisation and during our system of referencing will be able to identify any additional welfare support that may be available.

Ongoing support

We are aware that a persons circumstances can often change that is why we guarantee our tenants full support for the lifetime of their tenancy. In the current financial climate a working tenant can often become unemployed or an unemployed tenant can often have a change of income that affects their payment of benefits. It is therefore essential that each of our tenants has the confidence that we can assist them at any point during their tenancy.

Property Standards

All of our properties are guaranteed to be of a decent standard. We ensure that each property fulfils the relevant legal safety standards so that tenants can be assured that their property is safe to live in.

In addition to the legal requirements, we will also ensure that all repairs that are the responsibility of the Landlord, are carried out within a reasonable timescale.

Throughout the life of a tenancy we will make periodic inspections. Periodic inspections are essential to check on the overall condition of the rental property and ensure that the tenants are not neglecting their responsibilities. Also, any repair issues can be identified and dealt with as required.

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