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LHA Referencing for Housing Benefit Tenants

Many landlords worry about letting to tenants on benefits - however after working for over 28 years with tenants on benefits our understanding of how to best navigate the system is second to none. Let us help you through the complex benefits maze to ensure you maximise income and minimise your arrears.

Our understanding of the benefit regulations and the unique systems we have developed, working in partnership with the Money Advice Service and Sheffield Credit Union can ensure that landlords, rather than tenants receive the housing benefit payment. This will even apply when Universal Credit begins and the vast majority of tenants begin receiving monthly payments, paid direct to the tenant.

Most landlords have difficulty understanding the benefit system and are therefore very reluctant to let to tenants on benefits as they are unclear how much and when they will get paid, how to ensure that the tenant does not receive and spend the housing benefit cheque etc.

Our Service

Let us manage your property and the knowledge that we have at Landlord letting Network means we will:-

Knowledge is power - we want to put the landlord in control! Let us reference your tenant and collect all the other information from your tenant such as ID, bank statements, references etc. Contact us now for further details on or Tel: 01246 416164 or Mob: 07804229421(Liz) or Mob: 070804229402 (Claire)

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